CROATIA AIRLINES: Domestic Business Class, Dash-8 Q400, Zagreb to Split Trip Report


4 месяцs тому назад

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    Date of Travel: MAY 2018
    Airline: Croatia Airlines
    Livery: Croatia Airlines standard
    Route: ZAG-SPU
    Aircraft: Dash 8 Q400
    Registration: 9A-CQE
    Flight Number: OU 652
    Miles: 152
    Airborne time: 0h36m
    Notes: None
    Cost to book: Booked as part of complex multi city itinerary
    Thanks for finding my video and pressing play!
    We’re nearing the end of my little sojourn in southeastern Europe.

    In this video I travel between Zagreb and Split on a wholly domestic flight within Croatia.

    Zagreb Airport, which we’ve seen a few times before on my channel, is a lovely new building and everything a small international airport should be.

    It’s airy and spacious and there’s lots of glass allowing for good runway views.

    Our flight today also passes over somewhere else I must visit in the near future: Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    The Balkans have always interested me, as when I was growing up the wars there were the first wars I remember being televised (yes I’m too young to remember Gulf War I!).

    It’s great to visit the area and find how progressive all the nations are now.

    Croatia is particularly lovely.

    As you know I have an irrational hatred of Q400 aircraft and forgot that the first row has a badly placed I don’t recommend sitting in 2D! My arm was a little sore from holding the camera there...
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