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  • Watch Mahanati Savitri's Mangalya Balam Full Movie.

    Its an old Family drama.

    S V Ranga Rao is the richest person and married to Suryakantham.

    S V Rangarao's sister fell in ill and expresses her last wish to make her son and his daughter together.

    S V Rangarao's Mother held the kids marriage when he is not avail in home.

    S V Rangarao don't obey the marriage which was held and get them divorced because of their poorness.

    S V's Sister
    died due to her last wish not let to happen.S V Family left the village and shifted to city.

    Sekhar(ANR) is the son of S V Rangarao's sister desired to win over his father-in-law to marry his daughter by being rich.

    So he studied well and completes his degree in the same city and make his plan to workout on S V's daughter to win her love.

    Rest of the story you can see in the movie.



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