Baadshah The Warrior (2017) Telugu Film Dubbed Into Hindi Full Movie | Prabhas, Kangana Ranaut


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  • The movie story deals with Viraiah's younger son is stolen by Chidambaram, who abducts children and makes them beggars.

    He names him as Chotu and makes him beg on streets to earn money for him.

    The police raid Chidambaram and Chotu helps the police to find him.

    The police reward Chotu for helping them.

    This makes Chotu realise that he can earn money by catching criminals for the police.

    From then on Chotu works for the police and catches hold of criminals whom the police are in search of and becomes as bounty hunter.

    He also is in touch with Chidambaram and communicates with him so that he can tell him who his parents are, but he never told him.

    While getting hold of a goon, Chotu comes across Sameera who is a guitar teacher.

    Sameera is the sister of the goon who works for Johnny Bhai.

    Chotu is asked by the police to nab her brother who is wanted by them for many crimes.

    When Sameera is feeding her brother, Chotu enters and forcefully arrests him after causing much havoc in the house.

    Chotu and Sameera fall in love.

    As her brother reels behind the bars, Sameera reciprocates her love to Chotu.



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