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    Director: Crystal Pastis
    Producer: Amelia Baker
    DP: Juan Carlos Amaya
    1st AC: Jeyla Mednoza
    B-Cam: Felix Sauermann
    Gaffer: Alex Yoo
    Grip: Nelson JJ Flores
    Sound: Destiny Farrant
    SFX MUA/Costume: Keaghlan Ashely
    Stunt Coordinator: Janelle Beaudry
    PA: Annabelle Dura
    PA: Brendon Holl
    Editor: Grant McDowell
    Lead Flame Artist/VFX: Geoff Stephenson
    Colorist: Faust Pierfederici
    Sound Designer/Mixer: Brandon Kim
    Policeman: Brian Ramian
    Autumn: Alyson Gorske

    Broach: Connor Keene
    Receptionist: Sherry Mattson
    Young Autumn: Ashby Chandler
    Rose: Shoshanna Green
    Nurse: Jennifer Jonassen
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