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  • He who breaks me shall come undone...
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    Synopsis: A bullied schoolboy takes drastic measures against his tormenter, summoning an ancient being in the woods using a spellbound book passed down through the generations of his family.
    Watch "The Birch – a Webby award-winning short film from Crypt TV & Bloody Cuts
    Webby: Drama: Individual Short or Episode -- 2017 People’s Voice
    Directors/Writers: Ben Franklin, Anthony Melton
    Producers: Cliff Wallace (story), Ben Franklin, Anthony Melton
    Set Decoration: Emma Franklin
    Film Editing: Ben Franklin, Anthony Melton
    Cinematography: Jonny Franklin
    Music by: Patrick Jonsson
    Property Master: Natalie Barett
    Production Manager: Rob Jowers
    Special Effects (SFX) by:
    Special Effect (SFX) Makeup: Cliff Wallace
    Special Effects (SFX) Assistant: Jessica Taylor
    Makeup Department:
    Makeup Artist: Christabel Franklin
    Visual Effects (VFX) by:
    Digital Compositor: Ryan J.

    Thompson, Anthony Melton
    Second Assistant Camera: Adam Green
    First Assistant Camera: James Hills
    Harvey Walton: Assistant Camera
    Casting Department:
    Casting Assistant: Lewis Osborne
    Costume and Wardrobe Department:
    Wardrobe: Charlotte Barrett
    Editorial Department:
    Colorist: Patrick Inhofer
    Aaron Thomas Ward: Shaun
    Corinna Marlowe: Grandma
    Charlie Venables: Kris
    Dee Sherwood Wallace: The Birch
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