The Film Room Ep. 33: Ezekiel Elliott is the Cowboys MVP (and it's not close)


1 месяц тому назад

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    This week's episode is all about the incredible rookie season of Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott.

    He may have been blessed with the best offensive line in all of football in front of him, but make no mistake about it; Elliott doesn't even need good blocking to run over entire defenses.

    He does that just fine whether the holes are open or not.
    An exceptional combination of power, speed, fluidity, and instinct, Zeke is perhaps the most well-rounded back in the NFL.

    He has found success in everything from power plays to outside zone, and he's proven more than capable of handling protection and receiving duties as well.

    No matter the down, distance, or personnel grouping, Elliott can do whatever role is needed of him at any given time.

    It's that kind of versatility and raw talent that makes him (in my opinion) the Cowboys' most valuable player.
    Enjoy the show!
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